A Motorcycle Odyssey

Papua New Guinea to Europe, Europe to Capetown
——the Americas, Australia, and now back in PNG.

The last leg started when I left New York on May 11th 2009, and rode west and then south through the United States into Mexico. Then on south into Belize and Guatemala. Honduras (briefly) and Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and across Darien to Colombia, after five days at sea. The last South American pictures—in mid-April—came from my foray down to Patagonia and back...

After Colombia I visited Macchu Piccu, the 'lost city of the Incas'—in the rain—headed for Lake Titicaca for the New Year, crossed the Andes from Peru to Argentina with the Dakar Rally, and moved on to Uruguay—more rain—on the way to Brazil and the Iguacu Falls; ridden back over to Chile and made a swift swoop down to Patagonia and back. Then the flight to Sydney, with mixed feelings about the end of my South American journey.

I am now (since October 2nd) back in PNG, and discovering again - after eight years - what a great place it is. Here are a few pictures from Australia as a postscript to the Journey.

This trip started in February 2002 when I imported Mr Beem from Australia and started exploring the interior of Papua New Guinea, very often being the first motorcycle ever to have made that journey. Since that time we have travelled to countless countries and seen things that I can hardly begin to describe, had experiences that I would not even think about telling my mother, but I will give it a humble go in the pages of this website. I hope that you enjoy flicking through the story of my life for the past eight years, and I hope you enjoy it just a fraction of the amount I did in doing it. Most of all I hope you have the occasional laugh

This is not a 'how to' website so much as a 'me too' website, to encourage you to 'have a go, take the plunge, mount up and head out, to give the dream a chance'.