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Dudhi Soup Recipes, Soup for Weight Loss

If You have trouble with your weight and find know the best way to losing weight, you may try consume soup. Soup has been known with its benefits in weight loss. There are a lot of nutrients you get in one portion of soup. Because it contains vitamins from vegetables, and carbohydrate from any kind of grain. You will enjoy soup more rather than having it as a vegetable.

Dudhi soup or cream of lauki soup is one kind of soup which is great for weight loss. Because of the water content, soup gives more filling per calorie. Of course, it keeps you full for longer compared with eating another dry food. It will decrease your appetite more quickly. So you only take fewer calories, and it is great for weight loss. Soup is perfect for your breakfast. You can make your own soup with simple recipes. You can add vegetable you like. You will not starve while in weight loss program. If you want a homemade soup with simple recipes, we will give you dudhi soup recipes which is great for your weight loss program.

The ingredients you need is bottle gourd, onion cut into small cubes. You also need salt, black pepper powder and vinegar to taste. It is very simple recipe, you only need 15 minutes in making this soup ready. First, mix cook bottle gourd, onions and garlic with some cups of water then pressure it until it becomes soft. Grind all the vegetables and strain the pulp. Boil the strained water and vegetable pulp in a pan. Add a little water to get a soup consistency as you like. Add salt and pepper powder to taste. Serve your home made dudhi soup with dash of vinegar. This simple dudhi soup recipe will help you in making diet menu. Try and you will be surprised with this amazing taste.